(If you know why and are ready to start, join the upcoming 4-2-2 Challenge starting 1/3/2023)! I know I need challenges and to work in spurts to get me unstuck. And, after working with individual authors for nearly 10 years—as opposed to those who write for a company like I did earlier in my career—I know I am not alone. I find that a challenge:

  1. Adds structure helps me get moving. I’ve learned that it’s never an ideal to start something new. I’m busy with client projects, ministry, building relationships in my new hometown, improving infrastructure of my life, achieving long term goals, and much more. However, just starting something helps me crystallize my plans—even when I haven’t had time to plan out my strategy of what is best for me to work on during that time.
  2. Fosters a stronger commitment since doing something with others is the only sure-fire way that I keep commitments. I know that I work better with others. I enjoy spurring others on and allowing them to spur me on. I know that I’m less likely to break promises if they are made to another person. I want to follow the biblical principle of letting my yesses be yes and my nos be no. So, I set out saying what I am going to do during a certain timeframe, and I focus on that task. I am not always perfect at this, and sometimes life gets in the way, but I do better with the structure of a group than without one. Keeping promises to others—and seeing that I can usually do what I’ve set out to do, or at least make progress helps me get better at keeping more promises to myself. Therefore, these challenges are a win-win.
  3. Creates discipline in my life that spills into another area. I felt motivated to do this challenge after my husband and I started a new recommitment to health a month ago. We get up to be with God and then work out—now at 4 a.m. each day! We were both wanting to feel as energetic and healthy as we were when we were fist married more than seven years ago. We want to always be in as great as shape as possible for our age. And because we are going to the beach in a month, we want to feel wonderful and attractive to one another on our yearly get away in the sun. As I’ve added that structure and am experiencing my clothes fitting again—thank you God—I want to add structure at other times of the day.
  4. Inspires all participants—and creates bonds between us. I really appreciate gaining knowledge from others who are willingly share their successes. And I like sharing as well. Most of the people that join my challenges are writing a faith-based story or writing to promote their small business born out of their passion. Whatever the motivation, if you are writing, you are creating something beyond yourself—and that is inspiring. Some of the participants from last year’s challenges are now my colleagues who I am actually working on projects with. You never know what will arise from bonds that might be formed.

Why is this challenge two weeks, and why is it offered now?

  1. It takes two weeks for me to form a habit; this challenge is just long enough that your form a habit, but not long enough for you to get sick of it .
  2. This time of year, as everything is blooming, is the natural time for us to want to experience a growth spurt…bloom where you are planted, as they say!
  3. It seems less overwhelming and more doable to not commit for a long period of time—just keeping it real!
  4. Because this is the second anniversary of when I offered the first 422 challenge, which started during the beginning of the pandemic. Both of the previous years’ 422 challenges were so fruitful for my life and others, so I want to do one again!

Perhaps it’s time for you to join this challenge! If you like to write, and you have flexibility in the early morning hours, I’d love to have you! If this one doesn’t work for you, I encourage you to keep looking for a challenge or group that does work for you. You writer’s heart will thank you…

If you are struggling to write under stress, you are
not alone!


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