Starting the writing process by praising God in written form is the best advice I can give any writer.

Something about writing what I’m thankful for—in just five minutes or however long it flows—turns on the creative juices, calms me down if I’m anxious, and enables me to approach any subject with a more joy-filled mindset. Praising God also fosters the belief and confidence that God will equip me to finish the day’s work.

Because I do this practice every day before I write, it is now fast and easy for me—but it wasn’t always—especially if I’ve been exhausted, hurt, or going through a challenging season.

No matter where you are at, praise opens up the channel of communication with God, the author and finisher of your faith, who I promise will empower you in your writing after just a few minutes of praise.

I encourage you to read the following four praise strategies, and to bookmark this page so you can come back to it easily for future reference for times when a writing praise prompt would help you.

Praise Him for Who He is

Sometimes to get the juices flowing, I do the ABCs of God. I don’t always go all the way to Z—but here’s what I mean:

God, you are awesome, bold, creative, my deliverer, you are everywhere, the best father, you give grace, you are holy, indescribable, just, kind, merciful, nurturing, omniscient, powerful, quieting, restful, strong, tenacious, unending, except nothing (I stretch that one a bit), Yahweh, and zealously in love with me.  One thing that helps me know and remember His attributes is looking for truth in scripture (link to other blog yet to be written.)

Praise Him for your blessings

  • What went well in the last 24 hours? Praise God for those things.
  • What didn’t go well but taught you a lesson? Praise Him for that revelation and for preparing you for next time.
  • What do you see out your window or on a walk that brings you joy? Praise Him for those things. I praise Him for birds, sunshine, flowers, the beauty of trees in all the seasons.
  • What did someone say that was kind? What did someone do that was kind?
  • Praise Him for a home, a car, or any material thing He has provided.
  • Praise Him for vacations, fun experiences, travel near and far, both recent and long ago.
  • Praise Him for His provision, a job, or the ability to learn a new skill.
  • Praise Him for creativity.
  • Praise Him for friends, old and new. And memories recent and distant.
  • Praise Him for health, or for an improvement in health, or for the care that you are getting if you are sick.

Praise Him for previously answered prayer

The following praises may rely on your memory or on your documented answers to prayer.

  • I  read my journals a couple times a year to remember what I was praying about and to specifically praise Him for the big and small things.  A recent answer to prayer was they ability to understand and use the latest design software, so that I can quickly make social media posts, postcards, flyers and more.
  • I also praise him for miracle answers. My husband and I prayed for five years for God to pay our overwhelming debt, much of which was due to previously crooked practices in lending the student loan industry and promises from military recruiters who weren’t quite accurate.  On Thanksgiving Day 2021, our prayer was answered in an amazing way! I could praise Him for that miracle for years to come!

Praise Him for loving moments with Him

The last—certainly not least—strategy is one I learned through an inner healing prayer training program. It includes think of a time when you felt particularly close to God or when you felt amazing in some other way. See yourself in the scene. What did that memory feel like? What emotions describe it? Write answers to those questions down.

Help implementing these strategies

If you are using any of these strategies before you write, you are going to need a place to record these praises. I’ve created a journal for future faith-based authors that gives you a place to record blessings, lessons, things you want to remember, as well as even more space to write or draw whatever He puts on your heart. The journal is filled with Bible verses and original nature photography, taken either my husband or me. Get your copy today on Amazon—and maybe pick up one for a friend while you are at it!

I praise God that you have read this post!

As the Psalmist tells us, let’s
“Praise Him for His mighty acts; praise Him according to the abundance of His greatness!” (Psalm 150:2, AMPC).

As mentioned in Our Story Magazine’s Spring Issue, pp. 121–124

If you are struggling to write under stress, you are
not alone!


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