Editorial Services

Shaping lasting stories, transformational testimonies, 

and useful pass-along information

What is editing?

Professional editing is more than fixing grammar and spelling. In addition to the mechanics of language, editing is ensuring content is relevant for your audience, clarifying content so that it conveys the message you intend to the reader, and optimizing the content so that it flows and has the right amount of information.

Editing is more than what you learn taking an English, communications, or journalism class in college. While that class may provide the tools necessary to get started in writing and editing, it’s not the same as doing it everyday. Like any profession, editors get better with time and the number of projects they complete for other experienced editors and publishers. Loral has been in the editorial field for more than 20 years, and she has worked with four major publishers. She acquired her own publishing company in January 2020.

How does editing with Loral work?

  • I start the process by reading two sample chapters (or 5,000 words) and provide an overview of first impressions of a manuscript for $100. From that read, I provide a complimentary estimate based on a projected word count.
  • I identify a rate, estimate a rough number of hours, and determine how many reads might be necessary if the rest of the manuscript is roughly the same quality as the sample chapters.
  • I offer developmental/substantive/content editing, copyediting, as well as proofreading. I recommend all three, but I always recommend professional content editing. Learn more about the various types of editing on a blog on my editing business site, cowriterpro.com.

To request a quote, send two sample chapters, a contents page, and your projected word count to loral@loralpepoon.com. If you have back cover copy, send that as well. 

Why hire a professional editor? 

Many people ask me, “Can’t I just proofread my book?” Yes you can, and you will be able to make it better than your last draft.

My caveat is that polished grammar and spelling is like a washed car that doesn’t run. It looks good on the outside, but doesn’t have the substance for the long haul. Read more about how editing is like car repairs.

I can’t tell you how many people come to me thinking their book needs just one more quick read, and then when we start to work together, I have about 100 content questions, as well as other points of corrections. They are so grateful that they came to me before they published their work.

You can also read about the most common manuscript mistakes I find. 

How much does it cost? 

Current projects range from $40–$75 per hour, depending on services, industry expertise, etc. Like getting a house remodeled, the number of hours depends on the amount of updating, finessing, or overhauling necessary. After I read two sample chapters for $100, I’ll give you an estimate.