Empowering people to get their words out of their heads to start or strengthen their stories. 



If you are stuck on what to write or what to do next in the writing process, I can help. I have been working with writers for more than 20 years to help them push past common barriers. 


Coaching may include writing mindset training, like: 

  • Identifying and overcoming your particular writer block
  • Developing a mindset for writing progress and success
  • Coming up with a workable plan to write a book over time


It may also include book/content development sessions, like: 

  • Book brainstorming
  • Determining if your idea is relevant to your intended audience
  • Evaluating your contents page 
  • Reviewing a chapter or two
  • Feedback on a book mission or elevator speech
  • Developing your first five blog posts
  • A private session on how to write back cover copy, a bio, an effective about the author page, or other promotional pieces


After we develop a plan, get help with accountability and project management, including:

  • Six 10 minute accountability calls or four 15 minute calls for $50*
  • Making more realistic goals
  • A time inventory management


*Coaching is $50 an hour, but after the first two hours are purchased, time may be broken down into as little as 10 minute increments.