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Believe—A Journal for Faith-Based Authors

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Use this beautiful 200-page journal to take the first step toward becoming a faith-based author. Capture the most useful information to turn stories, blessings, lessons, insights, and more into an inspirational book or blog. Be empowered with Bible verses and lovely pictures, and get creative with room to draw or have extra room to write.

From Tears To Triumph—Tales of Transformation Through Jesus Christ

From Tears to Triumph contains 24 stories of hope, redemption and recovery. Each of the 21 women bare their souls, sharing some of the most difficult, humbling and heart-wrenching experiences of their lives. Each story also describes how the individual’s life has been transformed in spite of their experiences through the love of Jesus Christ. Read More

360 Degrees of Grief: Reflections of Hope

360 Degrees of Grief is a Selah Press Anthology filled with stories, poetry, and songs. Sixty-four authors contributed transparent stories written with open hearts reflecting hope to the reader. These authors have lived through the complete spectrum of life—from ecstatic joy to the darkest grief—and share the lessons they learned along the journey.