I’m so blessed! I get to combine all the skills I’ve learned during the last 20+ years as a

professional writer, managing editor, and eventually a publisher, to focus on producing the

content I’m passionate about—God stories and writing resources

—and I get to equip others to write their messages at the same time! 


How cool is that?


I’m a people person, so I want—no I need—to be on the journey with others. How about you?

If I had my druthers, I’d start to get to know you by having a convo with you in person,

sitting on my outdoor wooden swing, hot tea in one hand, and a journal in the other, recording your cares and lifting up the message you hope to share to our heavenly Father…Maybe someday we can interact that way.

If we could be real-life friends, in addition to praying about and talking all things writing, we might:

  • Walk around a lake path at a city park 
  • Take a short drive to hike in the Tennessee hills
  • Kayak down a slow moving river
  • Play with our pets—I love my cat, and I love to borrow other people’s (well-trained) dogs
  • Eat a favorite meal (that’s mostly healthy ) together at one of our homes  
  • Go out to a quaint restaurant where we could experience either an urban or country setting—I love them both.
  • Or, we could go to a conference to hear our favorite Christian authors or inspirational speakers.

But since were not together in person, I hope to serve you—an aspiring or repeat author who writes about life and/or faithby providing the following resources. (Some of these are

on this site and others will be on my newsletter for subscribers, so subscribe today! )

  1. Encouraging prayers just for writers to help spur you on in your writing sessions
  2. Inspiring, transformative blog posts and books about God and what He has done for my life and in the lives of my friends
  3. Compiled writing tips, quotes, and strategies from my 20+-year experience as a professional writer and editor 
  4.  Creative journals and resources that you can purchase or download to equip you in both your spiritual and writing life
  5. Writing coaching guidance—get a sneak peak of what I tell my clients
  6. Self-editing tips—these will save you money if you were to hire an editor 
  7. Links to classes, coaching, editing, and publishing services, should you decide you want or need more personalized help for your writing journey.

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tools . We writers have to help each other out, right?


Blessings on your writing! 


P.S. Please let me know how I’m doing. if there are other things you would want to ask a veteran

writer, editor, and publisher, please let me know. Chances are, other inquiring writers want to

know too. Email me at loral@loralpepoon.com! I’ve created this box just for you so it won’t get too