50 Life Lessons

I wrote this list as I prepared to celebrate my 50th birthday…I hope it blesses you—or at least makes you think 🙂

  1. Time doesn’t heal all wounds…intentionally seeking healing from God through a process of inner healing (including forgiveness, replacing lies with the truth, and asking God where He was or what He wants you to learn as a result of trauma) is what actually heals.
  2. When we pray for others and sit with them in their pain, we gain some perspective about our own problems.
  3. When we lessen the amount of stuff we have, organizing gets easier.
  4. Bacon and avocados are two of the best foods ever invented.
  5. God’s patterns always repeat if you look for them.
  6. We can enhance what we pass down to natural children or those we mentor when we praise God for the great gifts from our heritage ask God to replace the not-so-great passed down traits.
  7. Starting a writing—or any creative project—as soon as possible is the best way to finish it. Don’t worry about how good it is. Just get any words—or something—started.
  8. God is everywhere—just look for Him. The other day I saw a t-shirt that said Behold, Become, Declare. I’m taking those words into this next decade…I’ll ask myself, What do I see? Who do I want to become, and what do I want to do? and declare what I hear as if it is by writing it down and speaking it out. For example,
    I see myself an author of uplifting, inspirational books as well as fun gift books that sell well, and I see myself as a creative designer putting words and pictures together for our sentimental wood goods business. I am partnered with my husband, and our entrepreneurial efforts make more than enough money to care for ourselves and our families, to empower us to give to God’s causes, and to travel often.”
  9. God gives us the desires of our heart when we pray (I had a list of 36 things I wanted for a husband, which were delivered).
  10. Waking up early helps you get the day start out right…we’ve been getting up at 5:00.
  11. When you listen to worship music or listen to the Bible first thing in the morning, it’s impossible to stay depressed.
  12. Buy clothes that are your favorite colors and decorate with your favorite colors.
  13. Seeing His beauty and creation fills my soul!
  14. Doing an epic adventure starts with one step or with 10 minutes.
  15. Write down what the Lord says to you. You will want to remember it.
  16. Be with people who fill your soul; they help you serve others out of the overflow.
  17. Get adequate rest and allow the Lord to fill you up.
  18. Express any communication in “I” statements. It is wise to not say anything that starts with “you should.” The other person doesn’t see it as helpful. In fact, if everyone but parents of children under 10 eliminated the phrase you should, all of us would be better off.
  19. You only control you on a good day.
  20. Empower others to help you by expressing what you need versus telling them what they need to do. That switch enables them to be a hero or a servant—and it stops them from being a victim or a rebel.
  21. Only God can satisfy your deepest longings.
  22. The same route/path/hike looks different in different seasons.
  23. Tell people how they bless you—often.
  24. Forgive others when they hurt you because you have been forgiven.
  25. After you have allowed God to build you up after being hurt, ask people how they experience you, and ask them what you can give to them or how you can serve them.
  26. When you see others blessed, rejoice with them. God has an unlimited pie…their blessing doesn’t mean you won’t also get your blessings.
  27. Express yourself freely—in safe places, with safe people.
  28. If you are pricked by something, look inside. That thing may be part of yourself that irritates you. Work on eliminating it from yourself, and you may be deal with that trait in others.
  29. If you share a piece of writing for one person, it is worth it, even if it is for you. Jesus went after the one!
  30. Take brain breaks once an hour and walk around.
  31. Change your writing environment and go to different rooms or cafés for a fresh perspective.
  32. If someone pops into your mind, reach out to them. It could be a divine appointment or God telling you that they need a special touch at that momeny.
  33. Ask God questions…He will answer you…and you will have a better chance of remembering what He says if you write down the words that pop into your head or the circumstances that happen.
  34. Dry shampoo is your friend. So is She and He spray. (A natural deodorant made by Ology Essentials…and no, I don’t sell it).
  35. Figure out what you love to do. If you don’t love what you are doing it, figure out why you think you can’t do it, and deal with that mindset first. Limiting thoughts are the biggest roadblock we face. When you believe you can move forward in a new direction, do so.
  36. Do what you were created to do…that’s when you bless others—and yourself—the most.
  37. The sooner you accept that you have imperfections and give yourself grace for them, the more content you will be.
  38. Your imperfections make you more approachable.
  39. Working toward dealing with your imperfections is still a noble goal, though. Collaborating with others and as a means of compensating for these imperfections is God’s plan. We all need each other!
  40. Forgiveness is for you—not to change the people who hurt you. Release them and let God heal you.
  41. Everyone has Jubilee years—an extended time of rest (every seven years)…but God’s mercies are new every morning.
  42. Chocolate in limited amounts is good for you.
  43. Salad and vegetables in too large of a quantity can hurt your stomach.
  44. Fasting once a week is helpful.
  45. Exercise is the best medicine.
  46. If cauliflower can be pizza and zucchini can be pasta, you can be anything you want. (I didn’t make this one up).
  47. When you feel ugly, put on something that makes you feel good about yourself.
  48. Seeing fantastical fireflies and swimming with the dolphins were two of the best experiences of my life.
  49. Record your blessings, lessons, and mistakes so others can learn from you…and
  50. When you read others’ words or interact with them, learn from the blessings, lessons, and mistakes they share. Absorb those that are helpful and release those that don’t resonate with you.

Start practicing that last tip now. This is an imperfect list I wrote in an hour or two…I encourage you to go and share yours 🙂

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